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Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson (one of the three Robinson students targeted for dismissal at Oregon State University) earned a GPA of 3.98 while completing his BS in chemistry at Sothern Oregon University in just two years. He then worked with Harry Gray at Caltech and Noah Robinson at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, did excellent research work, and coauthored a paper with them on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Matthew scored higher on the Graduate Record Exams (SATs for graduate school) than has any entering student ever in the history of the OSU nuclear engineering department.  He was offered $57,000 per year by the MIT chemistry department to be a graduate student there, but went to OSU instead - partly to remain near his family home in Oregon, partly to help his sister (also targeted at OSU), and primarily because he wants to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering.

Matthew took a double load of nuclear engineering courses (two years of courses in one year) his first year at OSU and still scored a 3.91 GPA.  He is conducting excellent graduate research.

Matthew, by every measure, is the most outstanding student in the OSU nuclear engineering department. He is one of the most outstanding graduate students ever to enter OSU.

Matthew is a quiet, Christian, conservative, very hard working young man. He has never been involved in even the slightest wrongful or improper behavior.

Yet, the OSU nuclear engineering department has deliberately un-formed Matthew’s graduate thesis committee.  His graduate thesis committee is being obstructed by faculty members and administrators in the department of nuclear engineering. This prevents Matthew from taking the OSU PhD qualifying examinations and from progressing in the graduate school. It is exactly the same tactic being used to prevent Matthew’s brother Joshua from progressing in that school and is intended to justify and force the dismissal of both students from OSU.

Matthew (like his brother and sister) is targeted for dismissal by certain OSU faculty administrators primarily because Art Robinson is his father. Matthew is also targeted because OSU nuclear engineering faculty members have made a pact not to allow any graduate student whose thesis advisor is 24-year nuclear engineering Professor Jack Higginbotham, President of the OSU faculty senate, to progress in the graduate school. Matthew and Joshua are both students of Professor Higginbotham. Professor Higginbotham has been black balled because he stepped forward to help the three Robinson students.

OSU attorneys are trying to induce the Robinson family to sue OSU. This would allow the OSU faculty to avoid comment (“we cannot comment because litigation is in progress”) and to hide their actions under years of tax-payer funded litigation. Damages in such litigation would also be paid by the tax payers. So far, the Robinson family has avoided this action.

What sort of unprincipled predators on the faculty of the OSU nuclear engineering department will do this to this outstanding student?

What sort of cowards on the faculty of the OSU nuclear engineering department will sit silent and watch them do it?

What sort of campus administrators and President of OSU will permit and condone this action on the OSU campus?

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